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28 December 2014

Cheat's Chicken and Bacon Pie

If there's one thing I hate, it's ready meals.

When the Mr offered to heat up a ready-made Chicken Pie for dinner I practically laughed in his face. You don't have to slave all afternoon in the kitchen to cook delicious, nutritious and yummy food.

So the following day I rushed off to the shops and picked up a few ingredients to make my very own pie.

I didn't tell him this was the first time I was making it...

It turned out pretty good though - what do you think?

Here's what you'll need:

1 onion

2 big chicken breast (around 600g)

4 rashers of bacon

1/2 pint of cream

Handful of grated mozzarella cheese

Salt & Pepper to season

Ready-made puff pastry, like Jus-Rol version

1 egg, beaten

** Preheat your oven to 200°**

Chop up your onion, bacon and chicken. Fry off your onions in a big pan until soft, then add your chicken pieces and bacon until they are almost cooked through.
Then pour in your cream and grated mozzarella, add salt and pepper to season and stir until the cream thickens up to make a deliciously moreish chicken and bacon filling.

Feel free to add leek and any other vegetables to your filling - my chap isn't a fan of veggies so I don't usually add anything green - boo!

Pour your filling in to deep Pyrex bowl or dish - one that can go in the oven. 

Now roll your puff pastry out on to a flat surface and roughly measure how much you need to cover the entire top of your oven-proof dish. If any bits overhand the edge just carefully tuck these down the side of the filling. 

Then get creative - cut extra bits of pastry to make funky layers, mould pastry into your favourite shapes, poke holes to make different patterns and see what comes out!
Last thing you need to do to give your pie a nice glossy finish is to glaze the puff pastry with a beaten egg.

Use a kitchen brush if you have one, if not pouring the beaten egg on with a spoon works too!
Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200°C until the pastry has risen and has a nice golden colour.

Tuck in!
The Mr loved it and agreed to no more ready-meals.

We  couldn't bear to eat the love heart though...


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