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10 August 2014

The Best Pizza in Venice

Just behind busy St Mark's square is Rosso Pomodoro.

A restaurant which just so happens to make the best pizzas in Venice at a price that won't break the piggy bank.

After a long soak in the Jacuzzi bath, I whipped on a dress grabbed some heels and sprinted down to the waterfront to catch a glimpse of Venice at twilight, my favourite time of the day.

The views are simply mesmerising and look picturesque baked in the evening light. 

I was even allowed ONE photo of my Mr. 

You ready? 

It's about the only one you will get...

Dashing isn't he?

Yes, I agree. 

We crossed the famous square, still glowing from the day's sunshine, filled with sounds of symphony orchestras playing and the tweet tweet of pigeons in the air. 

I ordered a table for due persone and got shown to our table where we had the difficult task of deciphering the menu in Italian. 

Not wanting to seem ignorant, I refused to ask for a menu in English, much to his dislike.

Instead I opted for the more fun task of ordering food for us both without having a clue of what to expect!

Thank goodness the word "prosecco" is universal.

First up was 'O Pesce frit' 

What I understood to be mixed fried fish. 

And oh boy it was!

At times like this I am so grateful Italian can be quite similar to Spanish. 

He chose the tastiest bottle of red wine I have ever had. 

Montesole Taurasi, a wine from the region of  Campania. Definitely a must try when you are in Italia. 

The star of the evening was of course pizza. 

A Massese for him: pomodoro, mozzarella, salamino picante e basilico (tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami and basil).

The Ventura for me: mozzarella, prosciutto di Parma, insalatina di rucola e scaglie di grana (mozzarella, parma ham, rocket salad and parmesan flakes). 

It's one of the best pizzas I've ever had and the funniest thing is that it had no tomato on the bottom. The Italians are clever. Why spoil the flavours of the Parma ham, the parmesan and rocket with tomato when you can simply have it plain?

I would definitely agree it is the best pizza in Venice! 

The base is so stretchy and gooey and you could even eat the crusts, which I usually leave. 

Both of us ate in silence through mouthful of 'uuuhss' and 'aaaahs' and 'hmmmms'. 

I have come to the conclusion that Italians don't waste time on presentation. Pizza doesn't need to look pretty as long as it's home-made and amazing. I will never look at a pizza the same again.

Quite full from dinner, we opted for liquid desserts.

I tried this little baby: a Nutellacio.

Chocolate Nutella, espresso coffee and cream = amaziiiiing!
He discovered chocolate cream.

Thick gooey alcoholic chocolate.

Need I say more?

"This is actually really good!"
"Okay let me have just a little bit more...

or maybe finish it off?"

Not guilty. 

The mood in St Mark's square had changed when we walked back through it to get to our hotel.

The lights twinkled over couples holding hands and embracing in front of the symphony orchestra, who played romantic melodies heard across the whole square.

I couldn't help but stop and listen and get lost in the music. 

How many untold love stories are hidden in the walls of Venice?

The city is bursting with romance. 

Thank you Martina for the recommendation! We loved it so much we agreed to dine there on our last night too!


  1. Patricia Robling10 August 2014 at 17:37

    Sounds amazing.....sounds as if you had a ball.

  2. Have to visit this place!!!