It's My Birthday! ~ The Blonde B

26 August 2014

It's My Birthday!

The 16th of August is my birthday.

Having already had my big 18th, I already turned 21... my modest 23rd birthday party was spent at the beach with my most nearest and dearest. 

After unwrapping pressies and cards in bed, we jumped in to our bikinis, grabbed some towels and headed to the most noble of beaches: Royal Beach. 

A beach fit for a queen (and the Burt clan!)!


After scouting for pirates (we didn't find any) on our paddleboards it was time to refresh our palettes!

We had a right royal lunch back on land.

After lunch the party really got going. 

The music got louder, the drinks flowed faster and some naughty bugger brought out the shots...

We took the party back home


Where couple of hungry lions were waiting to be fed!

And boy oh boy! Had Daddy (and Mummy) prepared a meat feast!

Steaks on the barbie with pepper sauce. Nom nom nom.

And not forgetting the last minute improvised birthday cake from the family topped with a incense stick as a candle, thanks JoBro!


  1. This was such a fab day! And boy it was so hot!

  2. Could you upload more photos next time please? A picture is worth a 1000 words and I like books.