The Key to the City ~ The Blonde B

29 May 2014

The Key to the City

It had been such a yucky Saturday. Clouds in the sky, thunder and cold. I am just glad it didn't rain.

After spending the day cooped up on the sofa watching films, it was time to get all dressed up.

I was being taken out for dinner.

We used Mamma B's taxi services who dropped us off at Las Llaves, in Torrenueva.

It's one of my family's favourite restaurants for atmosphere and setting - the food is always a hit or miss.

Service was slow to start with.

Good thing I had great company (in a great shirt) to keep me distracted until food arrived.

Another restaurant, another gambas pil pil
For him of course.
 I tucked in to a colourful garden of Avocado and Praws.
My (very) cheeky date got a little too distracted taking photos me thinks...
Then came our meaty main courses
Solomillo a la parilla. Steak on the grill. 

(which was actually cooked better than mine *SIGH*)
Solomillo flambeado a la pimienta. Flambéed peppered steak. 
Then the best thing happened. 

I got given the key to the city!
Then I ate it. 
It was made out of chocolate and beautifully adorned my dessert
Crepe Suzette: a French pancake flambéed in Grand Marnier, an orange liqueur
I kind of got Crepe Suzette (orange) confused with Crepe Tyrolean (chocolate and ice cream), so was a little disappointed when I didn't see my crepe smothered in chocolate. 

But it also turns out Crepe Tyrolean is actually a completely made up dessert by my Nanna and chocolate crepes don't actually exist under than name!

So there was that too! 
I still ate it, but I got food envy of his dessert: simply refreshing helado
I absolutely love the fact I can let my true carnivore and choc-aholic self come out with this guy - only because he is one too!

Steak, pork, sausages, chocolate... I'll have it all please! And he will too! 

None of this ordering a salad whilst the guy tucks in to a steak. 

Men like real girls who eat real food and have a bit of meat on them.
We topped off the lovely evening with some Baileys and Amaretto
Bottles on the table and all, which is always dangerous

We got distracted by our after dinner liqueurs, chattering away under the starts and were the last ones to leave... 
It's the little touches like this and the chocolate key (llave in Spanish) on your dessert that I like about Las Llaves, but as I warned the food was a little hit and miss.

The gambas pil pil looked delicious but was a little disappointing as it lacked flavour and was a bit watery. We managed to break through the hard bread rolls because we have muscles (well he does!); and although we both ordered medium/rare steaks, his was cooked to perfection and mine could have been cooked less, nonetheless, it still melted in your mouth and was very yummy.

Regardless of this tiny little rant, I had an absolutely lovely and romantic evening with the hottest guy in town!