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23 May 2014

La Ola on the Beach

On day 2 of my "holiday" I headed straight to the beach.

If you saw me you really wouldn't think I lived in Spain. It was embarrassing enough my guest was browner than I was (okay he had been holidaying in Portugal before coming to see me though) so I really needed to get rid of this paleness!

It was also lunch time...

After a beautiful sunny stroll down the Paseo Marítimo de Marbella we stumbled across a whole new avenue of beach restaurants I´d never seen before!

I felt so cheated! How had I never seen these chiringuitos hidden below the boulevard, right under my nose?

We settled on one called 'La Ola' which was perfect as the waves today were big and loud creating a beachy soundtrack to our afternoon. 

We freshened up with a couple of cañas and some olives and indulged in our beautiful surrounding.
I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I live here. I actually live here.
We were offered an aperitif with our beers
 which I had to test twice to make sure there was no pineapple in it (for him)
As we were at the beach it seemed only fair to order seafood, seafood and more seafood. It also went nicely with my new seafood diet. I see food and I eat it.

We ordered calamares, which were big and crispy just as they should be
Calamares are great for those of you who aren't too keen on seafood and fish. They sound and look exotic but are actually quite mild in taste and flavour. 

So go on, next time give them a try!

I dived straight in, no time for photos
 Then came the chipirones (tiny baby squid tentacles)
I adore these. Munching on these crispy tentacles is better than crisps!
 which we dipped in alioli (garlic mayonnaise)
And these were media raciones (half portion sizes)! I could have happily munched my way through a full portion because they are so addictive!

It was quite sad that these frontline beach restaurants were empty on a glorious Thursday afternoon, with waiters pining after to you to sit down in their establishment. 

I think they are too hidden for the average passerby to notice. 

We were practically the only ones in the restaurant
Except for this little birdie who tried very hard at getting in on the seafood action
None for you Mr Pigeon!
Then came the main event: the magnificent paella
The glorious combination of rice, seafood and meat.

Everything you could dream of in one big dish.
You can only really order paellas to share, which was perfect for our cheeky little lunch date
Topped with langostinos (giant prawns, soft shell) and cigalas (langoustine, hard shell)
and mussels and clams and crab legs
I couldn't wait to get my claws in
These are the crown jewels of the paella and I always wait until last to peel them
You will undoubtedly pile your plate up until you can eat no more. Then carry on picking at the leftovers in the big dish because you just can´t resist it.

Don't worry, it's all allowed on the see-food diet!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach and had dessert for dinner. Yup. That's right. Ice cream for dinner. And what?! I'm on me 'olidays!


  1. Oh yummy,I want some now! One of my favourite lunchtime meals and I wasn't invited along to share it....