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24 May 2014

Distraction Needed

It's funny how the littlest things sometimes make the biggest impacts on our lives. Small, inconspicuous but always there when you need them.

I don't think you can really understand this post if you are not a dog lover, or an animal lover. It's like people don't really understand the film "Marley and Me" if they've never had a dog.

Last Friday was a very tough day in the Burt household. Our little baby Candy had been the 5th member of the family for the last 16 years and we had to let her go.

She was always there to greet you at the door, wake you up in the mornings and put on a smile on your face when you were feeling down.

She still loved every single one of us, regardless of our faults because she didn't know any different. She was a very BIG chapter in our lives, but to her we were her whole life and I'm glad to say she had a bloody good life.

I think its one of the toughest things I've had to do. Say goodbye to my little furry companion, knowing I will never see her again but also knowing that its best to let her go rather than seeing her suffer.

The house is too quiet without you, Candy. I keep opening the door for you so you can go run around the garden and bark at the cars, or calling your name when I drop some food on the floor for you to vacuum it up, or finding your old doggie bowls and know I will never get to see you wag your tail because it was feeding time.

It's sad.

There is a hole in our house and a hole in our hearts.

The hardest bit is coming home to an empty silent house.

I might have hidden it well but I was a bit of a mess.

I felt even worse that I had a boy to entertain.

I couldn't quite believe this all went down during his visit. Just my luck!

To be honest he was a blessing in disguise. (Remember him from my date weekend?)

A fellow dog and animal lover, he completely understood what I was going through and was there to offer his shoulder so I could cry on.

I didn't want to think about it.

I needed to be distracted, and that he did.

So we headed to the beach.
I took him to Triana, my favourite little beach hideaway. I didn't really want to be around too many people and this place is never too busy. 
We ate and we drank but most importantly we spoke.

We spoke for ages and ages, but I'm not really sure about what.

Sometimes about silly stuff, sometimes about important stuff but conversation just flowed, as did the drinks...

I kept getting lost in his words.

We shared a Gambas al alajillo (garlic prawns).
Hot, spicy prawns loaded with garlic and soaked in olive oil which you have to mop up with bread. It's the rule. 
I stuck to my seafood diet and ordered Mussels for my muscles
which I ended up eating cold because I was chatting too much
Whilst he ordered the peppered steak  
It was kind of a perfect afternoon amidst all the sadness, which makes me wonder is it possible to feel happy and sad at the same time?

I forgot to mention Jobro "surprised" me with a visit today too but more on that on my next blog post! 


  1. Thank you Charlotte for a fabulous blog, I couldn't have put it into these words! X

  2. Sat here with tears streaming down my face! Miss you Candy x