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26 May 2014

Dinner at Chang's

This is not another post about food.

Okay, you caught me! It is.

But let me tell you all about it cause I know you want to hear.

As you know, Friday was a pretty tough day for la Familia Burt as we had to say Good Bye to Candy.

My brother had flown down from Madrid that morning to say his farewell, so it was a full house.

Later on Friday evening we were all gathered in the lounge. It was the first time the family had been together since Easter, and even then, I'd been ill in bed the whole week.

This was nice. But bittersweet.

All the family back together in one place, arguing as per usual about where to go for dinner to give Candy a little send off.

My (winning) argument was: "you really can't beat a good Chinese on a Friday night"

Luckily we have the best Chinese restaurant just a stone-throw away from our house.

It's run by Chang and his wife. She cooks and he is the front man - always has a smile on his face, always laughing. I don't think we really understand each other half the time but we love him.
It's a small, quiet little gem hidden in Las Postas de Calahonda.

Very simple, but very delicious.
We get so spoilt here, having spent many unconventional dinners here, like my 13th birthday party or many Christmas Day dinners.

Yes, we have had our Christmas dinners in Chang's but only because we are all usually working at my parents restaurant, and after serving Christmas dinners all day one gets quite sick of seeing them, let alone eating one. So we usually head to Chang's after work and have our actual Christmas dinner on Boxing Day.

Yeah, we like to do things a little different around here.

Normal is boring.
Now to the bit I know you've been be waiting for. Fooood!
Spring rolls drizzled in soy sauce and sweet and sour. 

Tempura prawns
Chicken drumsticks
Peking duck in all its wonderful wonderful glory
 with all the trimmings
Sweet bean sauce, cucumber, spring onion and pickle
Chang's brother served it up for us with steamed pancakes
Roll it all up 
And eat. Fingers only please.
The combination of crispy duck in pancake rolls is just absolutely scrumptious.
Mamma B agrees
In between courses we were treated to "China's got Talent" on the iPad, a little TV show I think we all know...
Probably the most bizarre dinner entertainment I've ever had. 

We couldn't quite work out it if it was a man singing or if it was a woman with a really deep voice.
Chang was loving it
So was his brother!
Let's ask my brother what he thought about it

Turns out it was a woman with a really deep voice and the judges loved it too.

Anyways, lets get back to food no?

You can't have a Chinese without rice. Special fried rice please. 
You also need noodles
 Sweet and Sour Chicken balls
Chicken with bamboo shoots
Chicken with Cashew Nuts (a personal fave)
 Beef Curry (another personal and family fave)
I love the sort of meals where you order a bunch of different dishes and everybody tucks in.

Forks and spoons flying everywhere.

Savouring a little bit of everything.

 Then, we had coffee and ice cream for dessert
and Baileys...
We carried on laughing and joking and chatting way in to the night. Enjoying each other's company as well as enjoying some new company.

I think the family like him, even Daddy.

It was so nice having this friendly giant back too
even if I did want to kill him on a couple of occasions.

He kept trying to convince me to become a "Vlogger", a video blogger, so that I become a YouTube sensation - but I really don't think people are going to want to watch videos about little old me!

I'm not even funny!

Mummy is though, just look at her! She oozes funniness
Then classic Chang whipped out the shots. 

Shots in naughty shot glasses. 

Very naughty shot glasses.
They look rather normal when empty
 but fill them up with alcohol and they reveal a naughty naked lady (or man)
They were so awful we had to have another one (or three) just to make sure.

We all walked home maybe in not so straight lines, but I feel happy we gave Candy a good little send off. It was just perfect: simple, with the family, close to home and with Chinese food. 


  1. Oh I could so eat this now! It was also special that Jonathan was here to say his goodbyes to Candy! So amazing to have the family together plus our extra special guest!!