Astrals ~ The Blonde B

11 May 2014


Astrals in Banus is the holy grail of cocktail bars. 

They don't do things by halves, it's all big big BIG and yummy yummy YUMMY!

Even their chairs and tables are extra large!

If you haven't been to Puerto Banus, it's kind of like a rich man's playground, luxury yachts line the harbour, amazing restaurants, every designer worth knowing has a shop here, glamorous people sip drinks on the front line whilst hen and stag parties dominate the second line.

But to us kids who grew up in Marbella it's just been our local hang out spot.

Anyways, back to cocktails.

Look at this BIG delicious spectacular beauty
Fun fact: one summer a couple of girlfriends and I competed to see who could try as many cocktails off the menu as possible. That was a fun summer! haha 

I can honestly say they all taste amaZING!
It was a beautiful Saturday evening in May. It was warm enough to have my legs out and it had been centuries since I'd been to Astrals.

So I went.

With this cheeky monkey
Their menu is divided up by alcohols, so it's easy to choose your favourite poison
Their bar is lined with every fruit imaginable and there are some very cheeky, loud waiters singing at the top of their voices whilst they make your heaven in a glass. 
I'd like to say this was the start of a classy night out with S, but we were actually going to the cinema...

Partying hard in Banus! You know us...

We just had a couple of hours to kill until the film started (and popcorn!)
Oh well, we will just have to settle for popcorn and cocktails for now...
I ordered the "Touch of Love": Cartavio AƱejo Superior rum, banana, passion fruit, cinammon syrup, lime juice and a dash of cinammon. 

"Banana Dream" for Jess: white rum, Captain Morgan rum, banana bols liqueur, coconut cream, banana, a touch of orange and milk. 
Jess couldn't resist snapping an instagram either
Isn't it just amazing how they stack all that fruit on to your glass? Like a delicate ballerina on pointe shoesOr a more colourful game of Jenga

Here's Jess with her cocktail
Jess with two cocktails
Wait a minute. That's mine! 

Gimme gimme gimme!
Hmmm nope!
Hey, stop stealing my cocktail! Meanie.


What monkey doesn't like bananas?
As the light faded around us and the mood got a little more romantic we snuck off to watch Kevin Costner on the big screen
And shared a big salty box of popcorn!


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