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12 April 2014

Chocolate Strawberry Brunch

The 3rd of April is a very special date in our family.

Firstly (and most importantly), it's my Nanna's birthday.

Secondly, it's the date my parents first moved to Spain 24 years ago.

Thirdly, it's the opening anniversary of their restaurant 'Bogarts', a whopping 22 years ago!

It's also the day I made these bad boys for the first time!

Okay, Okay. I'm getting ahead of myself. I got too excited!

Anyways, today is all about Nanna.

Most of my childhood memories are filled with images of hot summers spent round by her pool with my brother and my cousins. Playing in and out of the water with the rest of the "Calypso crew", wrecking havoc and marrying off the younger children to one another (sorry JoBro!).

I am so grateful for growing up living only 5 minutes away from my grandparents who were like 2nd parents to me, who loved me, fussed me and would do anything for me. I am so fortunate to have experienced that kind of love and kindness which has made me the way I am today.

It's also part of the reason why I am a Welsh rugby fanatic, feel proud to say I am half Welsh and feel more at home in Wales than any other part of the UK.

I had a date in the British countryside this weekend (I will tell you more about that later!) and was flying to England tonight, so I'd decided to organize a little birthday brunch for Nanna before my departure.
We started with Cava bellinis. 
Then Nanna cried over the beautiful messages in her birthday cards
And opened her presents
Her favourite shop: Punto Roma, because they share the same initials: P.R.
Candy wanted to join in the celebrations too, but nobody would play with her.
"Uh yeah, right behind the ears there love"

Then it was brunch time and Nanna couldn't wait to tuck in!
My family always seems to be on a constant health kick, so I thought a healthy brunch would be perfect. 

A little bit of tomato and olive oil, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt etc...

Except the parents cooked naughty bacon and eggs, so naturally the poor fruit got shunned!

Until my healthy flour-less banana pancakes came out and wowed everyone! Then they were craving the fruit!

I had mine with crispy bacon, syrup and a good helping of fruity goodness. 
You could even have it with a good dollop of fresh yoghurt and honey. Yummm
Then these indulgent beauties made an appearance
Aren't they just beautiful?

Spanish strawberries are in season right now so they tasted AMAZIIING! 
I can't explain to you how good the combination of chocolate with the deliciously sweet-tasting strawberry was. 
My only regret is that I didn't have enough time for the chocolate strawberries to cool off so I could then double dip them in to the white or milk chocolate for a double chocolate effect.

I will just have to make them again.

I was a dutiful daughter/grandaughter and did most of the washing up whilst the adults chatted and reminisced about the olden days in Spain. 
I think Nanna enjoyed!

A little birdie told me she ended up at Bogarts with a a couple of certain little sidekicks (ehem, Mags and Mick) in the evening... Who turned Nanna's birthday into a whole weekend celebration!

Well I guess you can party all day when you are retired!

It's time for me to go now! Wish me luck in England!


  1. One of the best blogs ever! Suppose I am a little biased ! Xx