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8 April 2014

Bocata de Chuleta de Cerdo

I had a very lazy morning in Madrid the following day. I must say I had a little bit of a sore head too.

I managed to shower and head out for some fresh air whilst JoBro went to the gym and classes again. So I decided to do an abbs work out at the flat and ended up having another little siesta. 

Hey! I'm on my holidays! It's allowed! I also had to get prepared for our rooftop BBQ.

So whilst Ana - Jobro's girlfriend - and I had a girly catch up, the boys went out to hunt for meat:
So much meat! And Tinto and Beer!
Then it was time to cook. 
People were supposed to arrive at 8pm but in classic Spanish tradition, they didn't turn up till 10. By this point I was two Tintos down and staaarving! 
I just wanted all of the meat!

It was very cold and dark on the roof, hence why I have no pictures! I ended up in layers upon layers of my brothers clothes. We had 4 chairs and an armchair for 12 people and the light from a small bulb; but we had good company, mucha cerveza and good tunes. What more could you want?

Food finally arrived at 11 and was demolished by the cold and hungry mob. Then little by little, people started peeling off to enjoy the Madrid nightlife or to crawl into bed (like little old me!). 

I woke up in the morning still salivating last night's meat. It was just soooo good! So I was over the moon when Jonathan told me there were still a couple of chuletas de cerdo (pork chops) left.

So I made this:
Un bocata de chuleta de cerdo. A pork chop roll. 

I used olive oil, garlic and lots of salt to cover the pork chop and whacked it on our sandwich-maker. So ingenious of us, as we didn't have a plancha! It only took 2-3 minutes to cook. 
Placed the chuleta de cerdo on some bread
Add some mayonnaise and salad to the equation and you're in heaven!
All of your meat from the BBQ was from the meat counter at Mercadona and was so cheap and tasty! So you know where to go next time you're planning a BBQ in Spain!

With our bellies full Jonathan and I set out to explore Madrid on my last day. I took way too many photos, as per usual, for one blog post so you will just have to come again for the next instalment of my weekend in Madrid!


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