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9 April 2014

A Blonde in an Oversized Coat

So, where did I leave you?

Oh that's right, I was in Madrid visiting my brother. 

After a couple of boozy nights I was looking forward to a nice sunny day exploring Madrid with JoBro. Until I opened the curtains on Saturday morning and it was raining and cold and yucky. 

There is nothing like a little rain to make you want to stay in bed all day. 

But no. It was my last day in Madrid. We were going to go out and enjoy the sights. I refuse to let the weather ruin our day. 

So I dragged a half asleep Jonathan out of bed and got going. 

We started at Sol. 
and wandered round the streets and callejones
We made a little visit to La Cure Gourmande to see all of their yummy sweets and cookies. 
Olivas de chocolate. Olives made from chocolate.
(but not eating them when you're on healthy eating!)
It was also bloody freezing, so I had to borrow my brother's coat.

It was about 10 sizes too big and at 5ft 3in (1,61 m), it practically drowned me; but I embraced the oversized coat and made it in to my very own fashion statement.
I can't say los Madrileños were inspired by my fashion choice but I was warm and dry and happy.
Jonathan took me to el Mercado de San Miguel and I was fascinated!

The indoor market was bursting with people enjoying themselves and the sound of glasses chinking, whilst the hum of chattering and laughter filled the air despite the grey Saturday afternoon.
It had all of the food and the drink you could think of. Cakes and tapas to make you go wow, so many beautiful colours and amazing smells. It was a delight to all of the senses! 

The little stalls offered a variety of savoury and sweet tapas. Jamón ibérico, croquetas, designer mini hamburgers, oysters, cheese, cakes, pastries, chocolate and sooo much more.
There were wine specialists and beer stands, smoothie booths and champagne bars, coffee shops and winery's. 
They had every kind of food you could think of. I was so mad at myself for still being full from my bocata de chuleta de cerdo I'd made myself this morning with leftovers from last night's BBQ. I couldnt gorge on this deliciously smelling food!
A San Miguel I could manage though
Especially when it was chilled in this special futuristic contraption!
Yup. It was goooood. 
Really good!
I'm definitely coming back here with a pocket full of money and an empty belly!
The rest of the afternoon was spent running in and out of coffee shops sheltering away from the rain.
I even managed to meet up with Eva, my old school friend, and we caught up over some tea whilst the heavens pored down outside.

Then I rejoined the brother and his girlfriend on La Gran Vía.
And tried not to get run over... 
All for the sake of a few photos!
Definitely worth it. 
It was nearing dinner time and our tummies were rumbling, so we wandered off to find some grub, but you will just have to come back tomorrow to see where we ended up!

¡Hasta luego!


  1. Just love Mercado de San Miguel, it's a must visit!

  2. I already want to go back!

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