2014 ~ The Blonde B

29 December 2014

Around the World in Vegas

Vegas was tiring!

Everything seemed so close but even walking across the road took forever.

It was even a trek leaving your room and making your way down to the hotel lobby.

We shopped till we dropped on Black Friday.

Saturday we went out on a Party Bus and enjoyed the night clubbing life of Vegas which sent me to bed for all of Sunday - I could think of worse places to be hungover. We were cheeky and even ordered room service. Facing the outside seemed impossible on that frightful Sunday!

On Monday I was back in tip top shape and really wanted to go on a world tour, in Vegas Baby!

First stop was Rome and Cesar's Palace.

Which conveniently doubled up as a shopping mall - sweeeet!
Granny Larner was having a whale of a time!

After a little bite to eat we made it to NYC!

He'd never been to New York so it was my pleasure being his personal tour guide. 

The roller coaster ride at New York New York transported us back in time to Camelot!

Then we took a magic carpet ride to Egypt...

Then night fell and everything got a whole lot prettier!
The Excalibur Hotel was my favourite because it was a Castle and Tom had promised he'd buy it for me so I can be a real live princess in my very own castle! 
We'd both had to carry on working before we could afford a castle! 

This was my favourite day in Vegas. Exploring and discovering at its best. 

It might be a little bit surreal walking around the different hotels but it sure is fascinating just looking at all the decor, architecture and wonderful theme hotels. 

It's true what they say: Everything is BIG in America!

Vegas might not have landmarks and museums but a tour round the hotels is fascinating for any child or adult and it's free!

The Aria Resort and Casino - Vegas

On the 27th November I woke up early grabbed my luggage and prepared to board a 10 hour flight to Vegas Baby!

But let me update you first on what's changed over the last few months...

I got a job! I've spent the last 2 and a half months working in marketing, travelling back and forth to Germany on business trips and meeting other graduates in the TTi programme.

I've also moved to Winchester and am loving it! Okay, the weather is British but I love living more in the country-side than a big city.

I've learnt Britain is completely overcrowded and you will find yourself stuck in traffic about 90% of the time.

I also bought a car! A little red Alfa Romeo and it is simply perfect and cute and adorable!

So back to my American adventures - I'd been invited to join my guy and his family on holiday in Vegas Baby (I feel the need to add Baby every time I say Vegas - don't ask why!).

We would be spending Thanksgiving and Black Friday there - how could I say no?

After a delightfully dinner and night's sleep at Gatwick's Premier Inn we were on our way!

We landed opposite the Vegas Strip, literally! We could see all the hotels and lights from the place - I was getting so excited!

Our big SUV taxis picked us up, handed us some nice cold American beer and we tried to stay awake with our 8 hours of jet lag.

Just off the busy strip is the new modern Aria Resort and Casino Hotel.

After queuing for what seemed like an eternity to check-in we walked through the noisy casino and got to relax in THE comfiest bed I have ever slept in in my life!

The mattress curved around your body like you were lying  on a cloud of candy floss.


We also had Britney staring at us each morning when we woke up!

Not a bad site huh?

We were so excited to be in Vegas we wanted to go crazy: so we napped until dinner.

After Thanksgiving dinner in the hotel's (expeeensive) steakhouse we ended our wild night at 8:30 tucked up in bed watching Modern Family - jet lag, it's a bitch!

Next morning I woke at 5:30.

I slept in until 6:30 but we were out of the hotel by 8am!!

We had a HUGE breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe
This is breakfast for one.


You could feed a small army for this!
It's fair to say I didn't finish my quesadillas but it was bloody delicious!

We followed it up with a very long walk down the Las Vegas Boulevard.

This place is so crazy! It's just bizarre!

It's like an adult's Disney Land. 

Everything is so big and in your face - I can't quite decide what I think about it all!

That evening we had dinner with Margarita's and beer and went to see a very interesting Zombie Burlesque Show.
I've never been to a burlesque show before - it was quite entertaining. 

I think the boys enjoyed it a little bit more though... 

We managed to stay out a little bit later tonight - but my bed was a'calling!

We might not be staying in the Bellagio - but we have our own little water show right here at the Aria!