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11 December 2013

A Night at the Opera

This weekend in Spain has been a 'puente.'

There is a national holiday on the 6th December to commemorate the approval of the Spanish constitution and another on on the 8th in honour of the Immaculate Conception. So Spain does this really awesome thing whereby they take the day in between the holidays off too and essentially turn it in to a big long holiday weekend. Malaga went one step further and gave us the Monday off too!

I was all wrapped up warm and cosy on Saturday evening. Cup of tea in hand, thick woolly socks and my little dog Candy keeping me company. I could very well have stayed in snuggling up next to the fire, but no good story has ever started with: 'I decided to stay in.'

I put on some music, maxed out the volume and had a little dance party round the house! Music and dancing always lifts my spirits. It is puente, I have to go out! Whenever you are feeling a little down or unmotivated you just got to get all dressed up in your best outfit and flaunt it. Look great. Feel great. Be great.

Tonight I was going to Opera Room, a nightclub in Marbella with these beautiful ladies. It's where everyone seems to flock to in the Winter time when Puerto Banus is usually dead.

We started the night with some shisha and drinks in Marbella puerto deportivo and then headed to Opera.
We froze just a teeny weeny bit at our table on the terrace, as the heaters were for decoration only duh! So we made a b line straight for the dance floor. 
Okay so we might have got a little snap happy first, but we eventually made it do the dancefloor!

They played some pretty old school music (like 2009 old), but usually they have good remixes of popular songs. Which is excellent news for all you chart lovers, just like me, who love to sing along to the songs whilst dancing to them!
I've known these girls since we were silly school kids and the best part of spending the year in Spain? I get to rekindle all my old friendships with these crazy ladies! 


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