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11 October 2013

Greenie Goodness

My ever obsession with healthy food continues, although my will power still needs some improvement. I have always been a victim of yo-yo dieting, but recently I have come to understand that I need to chuck the word 'dieting' out the window and instead replace it with 'life-style change.'

Weight loss takes place over time, in weeks more specifically. If you are 'good' 7 days in a row you will see a difference and then just repeat.

Seems simple huh?

Not so much for me! The past month I've been living on 'tomorrow I will be good', 'tomorrow I will go for a swim' and just one more ice cream can't do that much harm, right?


I have been cursed with the fat family genes, from my paternal side. No joke! My brother and I are both super sensitive to weight gain. It's like you eat one slice of bread and you can feel it skipping up to my muffin top with its sun chair, book and glasses in tow, in for the long-haul.

So when I looked at my calendar and realised my friend Rachel was flying over for a visit in only 3 days I started to panic. I need to get my health fix back!

Okay, so I know I won't be moving mountains in 3 days but Rachel coming for some Spanish sun was the jolt I needed to get back on track to my 'healthy lifestyle.'

So lets talk Green. Green smoothies for that fact.

It's time to get my body packed full of goody (technical term) nutrients and start to flush those nasty toxins out with home-made green smoothies.

There are lots of different recipes online, and after experimenting with lots of different fruit and vegetables this is what I came up with.

Well it's certainly green, isn't it?

It was even drinkable! I didn't even need to add any sugar or sweetener, as the mango and orange acted as natural (and healthy!) sweeteners. 

Okay Mummy went 'bleurgh' when she tried it, but she doesn't like celery, so there.

So enough about me, here's the recipe:

- 1/2 Mango

- A big ol' chunk of Melon

- Juice of 1 Orange (no pips)

- Juice of 1 Lemon or Lime (again, no pips)

- A handful of Spinach

- 2 Celery sticks

- Liquid H20

The instructions are easy peasy:

Chop up the melon and mango and chuck it all in to a blender. Squeeze in the orange and lemon juice. Blend until smooth. Chuck in the spinach and blend.
Last but not least, chop the sticks of celery into small chunks and whack them into the mix with a little bit of cold water and blend.

Serve over ice and drink up!

P.S: Green smoothies are NOT meal substitutes!


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