Summer Camp II ~ The Blonde B

10 September 2013

Summer Camp II

At summer camp anything is possible. Well, within reason. You probably can't go skinny dipping at midnight without getting fired and you might wanna think again before breaking in to the canteen to steal some candy.

You celebrate Independence day in style.... with a huge fireworks display at night!

We had a full camp Gold Rush on Wild West Day...

These are the dining hall tables. See? Anything: Possible.

My Kiwi friend thought she was Captain Underpants....

We celebrate our own Camp Olympics for 5 days and of course we had to do the Haka for the Opening Ceremony. 
Halloween in August.

Backwards day. We wear our campers clothes and the campers wear our staff shirts. It's pizza for breakfast, ice cream for dinner and whole bunch of other wacky backwards games. The kids love it!
The British invasion. As 80% of the staff are British or from overseas, we decided to take over camp for a day back in 2011. We all supported our best British attire (this is where my Welsh rugby jersey came in handy), raised the Union Jack on the flagpole, played croquet and British bulldog, ate flapjacks and created wedding dresses out of toilet paper in honour of the forthcoming Royal Wedding of William and Kate. 
I was lucky enough not to get chosen by our campers to be dressed up and entered in to the 'Ugliest Counsellor Competition', my bunk buddy Ash was less fortunate. Admittedly, I did get rather excited (probably more so than my campers) and might have encouraged a lot of the make-up and clothes. I did have to draw a line, when the girls decided to put tampons in Ash's hair.

This is probably my favourite photo of the summer.

Have you seen these yet?


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