Llao Llao ~ The Blonde B

15 September 2013

Llao Llao

I adore ice cream! It is one of my favourite treats. Nothing beats eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream from the tub (nobody is judging here!). Yummy in my tummy. 

Of course, indulging on ice cream isn't always the healthiest of options. 

My new found obsession is 'Fro Yo', i.e: frozen yoghurt. It is lower in fat that ice cream because they use milk instead of cream and substitute all that sugar for natural sweeteners and somehow still manages to have that same ice cream texture. 

Et voila, frozen yoghurty goodness, minus the calories. 

When S told me they had opened up a new Fro Yo shop in Marbella, called Llao Llao, I simply had to go try some.  

S had the 'Sanum': frozen yoghurt + fruit + crunch + sauce

I made my very own Fro Yo up: strawberries + pineapple + crunchy muesli + chocolate sauce

They definitely use magic chocolate syrup! Once you pour it over your Fro Yo it solidifies and became like a chocolate crunchy coating. Absolutely divine!

Llao Llao is situated right on the Paseo Maritimo of Marbella, right on the beach front, so you can have a stroll along the beach, then grab some Fro Yo to cool down. The white and lime green colour theme means you really can't miss the shop! 


  1. I've been to Llao Llao in Fuengirola and loved it there!