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20 September 2013

Las Llaves

It's Monday night, which can only mean one thing: Burt Family Dinner.

As the parents work every night running their restaurant, it has become tradition in the Burt household that on their one night off, without fail, we all sit down together and eat as a proper family (with arguments and heated discussions of course!).

Daddy will cook us diner and runs the kitchen like a military operation, which means nobody gets in there to help him. Sometimes we do opt for the more relaxing choice: dining out. 

Last Monday, we spent the day lazing at the beach and then we decided to grab a couple of cervezas. We got back at 7pm and Daddy deemed it far too late to cook dinner so the parentals decided to take me out, as the brother was nowhere to be seen. 

I quickly jumped in the shower whilst Daddy booked a table for 3 at one of our favourite restaurants: Las Llaves. I threw on a dress and a pair of wedges and didn't even have time to blow dry my hair! Whilst Mummy emerged looking immaculate... 

Las Llaves is like a secret garden. Nestled in the back of Torrenueva, you could easily walk past is as it looks like a house. As you walk in you feel you are entering somebody's living room. The whole dining experience inspires to make you feel relaxed, as if you were eating in the comfort of your own home and being served by professional waiters of course. 

Mummy convinced me to try a 'fino', a very dry sherry from Tio Pepe, as an apéritif for the very first time. I think I'm going to have to have a few more before I get used to the sharp taste!

When ordering a drink, they leave the bottle on the table to carry on the feeling of being at home, to top yourself up at ease. AND trust you not to drink the entire bottle!

The menu is classically Spanish. No fancy nonsense, just a good choice of meats and fresh fish. Their speciality is their flambéed meats and desserts.

Mummy had the avocado with prawns, to start. 

I had the Gambas al Alajillo, Garlic prawns, which is usually cooked with lots of olive oil and garlic. I strategically saved my bread roll to mop up all the garlic-y juices. Yummy!

There is a dish in Spain called prawns Pil Pil, which is one of my favourite dishes of all time. Cooked with lots of garlic, olive oil, chillis and a tomato base. Oh it's making my mouth water just thinking about it!The Las Llaves Garlic prawns was halfway between a prawns Pil Pil and a typical Gambas al Alajillo. It was very yummy, but the best prawns Pil Pil I have ever tasted is still from Bogart's restaurant (more on that later).

Daddy had the traditional French Onion soup with a cheesy crouton afloat. 

The Burt family are definitely carnivores. For our mains, all three of us ordered fillet steaks.

Mummy and Daddy ordered theirs on the grill with the peppercorn sauce on the side. I ordered mine flambéed in the pepper sauce.

All of them were cooked to perfection and washed down with some good vino tinto.

The steaks on the grill had a more rustic flavour in the meat, but I would highly recommend getting it flambéed. My steak was melt in your mouth and oozed pepper sauce in every bite. 

It was hands down one of the best steaks I have ever had! (Although not the prettiest site to look at on your plate!).

We decided to skip dessert. As much as I love Spanish food, I'm really not a fan of Spanish desserts.

We went straight to the liqueurs. Usually after dinner Mummy and I would have an Amaretto on the rocks. Instead, tonight the owner was treating us to a Pacharán. He knew Daddy loves Anís Dulce, so treated him to that instead. 

Bottles on the table, always risky business. One time we managed to polish off a bottle of Amaretto between us. We felt so guilty we had to leave extra money just for finishing off the bottles! They must have thought we were alcoholics!

Another great Burt family dinner (minus JoBro!).

Las Llaves. Situated in Torrenueva, Mijas. Try and find this secret garden!

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