The Blonde B

27 August 2016

The First Sunset in Spain

So I have a major problem.

My hard-drive broke this week and with it ALL of my documents, ALL of my files and ALL of my photos from the last month.

It's fair to say it's pretty s****.

22 August 2016

Live the Highs & the Lows. Live Everything.

Never take anything for granted.

It's a saying you hear a lot but one that I most desperately live by.

Time changes everything; people, places and relationships.

Soak up every single moment, be it little or large, and truly be present in the now.

3 August 2016

Silver Hearts & Tiny Bows

Does anybody else feel we have taken a full 360 with the weather and gone back in to Winter?

I'm not quite ready for snuggly jumpers and hiding under a blanket watching Netflix.

It's August! My birthday month :)

29 July 2016

Bombay Sapphire Distillery

When the sun shines in Britain people head to the pub to enjoy a nice refreshing brewski.

I can't really blame them, with the sun shining and a beer (or iced Rose) in hand, it doesn't get much better for the British Summer.


24 July 2016

Watermelon Lime Refreshers

Is there anything more Summer than Watermelon?

I think not.