23 April 2015


My blog is my own personal virtual diary. It's a place I can fill with my very own stories, pictures, recommendations and recipes.

When a lot of my family and friends don't live in the same country - blogging is the easiest way to tell them all about my latest going-ons without having to text them every 5minutes or update my status on Facebook. Especially when I don't have time to FaceTime them on a regular basis.

Not everyone will want to read it and I've had mixed reviews, but that's okay. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Through blogging I've had my eyes opened to a whole new world.

I've always loved writing, but I've become addicted to writing my blog and addicted to reading other people's blogs.

People are so fascinating and it just goes to show everybody is different. I love reading other people's views, recipes and recommendations on life, love, fashion, beauty, food and a whole bunch of other topis!

There is a whole other world out there away from all this trashy reality TV and silly videos on YouTube (not that I dislike them, because I really really love them: Mash Up Fail Compilations are my favourite), but I also love discovering the world through blogging.

How do I find blogs and bloggers I hear you ask (without typing "blogs" in to Google)?

Well let me introduce you to Bloglovin'

Bloglovin' is the Facebook of the blogin world.

You can follow your favourite blogs and discover new ones with the fancy category selection. The database is wold-wide so you can discover quirky little blogs from the middle of America to fashion bloggers from the busy streets of Hong Kong or even DIY and decoration bloggers in the north of Swedene.

Never miss an update. Your homepage feed continually updates with new posts  as they get published - just like your Facebook Newsfeed does.

You don't even have to be a blogger to join!

Like your favourite posts. Share them with friends and family that are not on Bloglovin'. Comment on any posts that you like (or dislike).

Best of all you can organise your favourite blogs and get recommendations based on the types of blog that you read.

Bloglovin' is like my 2nd home - It's the place I check after Facebook (and maybe Instagram) and I could spend hours trolling through their pages and pages of blogs and getting lost in the world of bloggers.

One of the best features of Bloglovin' is that it doesn't discriminate against the popularity of your blog - so even if your blog isn't very popular or not read by many it can still be discovered by alll!

I love every minute of writing my blog and love reading comments from readers.

It's the place to be if you love reading and writing and want to share a bit of yourself with the world

So... I'll see you there?


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19 April 2015

Gibraltar Airport (Sorry Malaga!)

If you've never been to Gibraltar, flying out of their airport is a pretty good way to see it.

The big Rock stands tall and proud at the edge of the water, looking down at all who passes the border into the tiny piece of land.

The impressive back-drop is inhabited by Barbary macaques, i.e: really really naughty monkeys (even naughtier than the ones I met at Longleat!) and is enriched with tons of history which dates back  to the year 711!!!

It also has one of the scariest airports to fly to/from in the world!

So when your other half is terrified of flying - what better airport to depart from?

The airport is not that scary. In fact, I think it's the simplest airport to fly from.

They only have 1-2 flights a day. We sat having a beer with my parents watching our plane land, then it took us all of 5 mins from check-in hall to departures and on to the plane!

The runway, however, IS limited by water on both ends, so if the pilot runs out of runway for take off or landing you're pretty screwed. 

So I guess that's why it's named one of the scariest?

It's fine! No plane has actually fallen in to the sea (yet!)

Gibraltar also has the coolest border-crossing ever! 

To get in to the city you have to walk across the actual runway and the border closes whenever a plane lands or takes off. 

It's also a pretty stunning back-drop for a photo op!

Another reason for choosing Gib airport is that it actually has a decent airline that flies in to London Heathrow.

What is it with Heathrow? It flies to every destination in the world except Malaga!

I'm stuck in a triangle between London Heathrow, Southampton and Bournemouth airport, neither which has great connections to Malaga.

Too many times I've been let down by Flybe (or Fly Maybe) in Southampton - I've had over 4 hours delays, cancellations and I don't think I've EVER left on time. It also has incredibly expensive prices and every time I fly with them I ask myself for what? It doesn't even begin to touch on BA's service and usually a Fly Maybe flight costs you up to £400 one way to Malaga - BA will fly you return to NYC for around the same price.

Bournemouth isn't so bad, but I cringe every time I fly with Ryanair. I can't fault them for keeping on time, but their cheesy jingle at landing makes me feel I'm on a fun fair ride and charging £15 to reserve a seat (£30 to reserve seats for a return!) makes me not want to book flights with them at all. So many times I've seen families with kids being seated apart because it's just too expensive too book 3 or 4 seats - not to mention if you're a family of five! And don't get me started on their website... They try to trick you and mislead you into paying for so many extras with every clic of a button! It makes me so angry!!

Then there is Heathrow - aka: BA HQ - modern, clean and impeccable service for any destination. Close to home, good parking and great airlines. Except to Malaga!

I ask myself why?!

Yes, Gatwick flies to Malaga at good prices but I don't fancy going on a 2 hour drive on the M25 prior to my 2 hour flight to Spain.

So this is my campaign to BA to introduce more LHR-AGP flights!

PLEASE ***Cheesy Grin***

Think of all the people living in the South West of England who don't have access to Gatwick or British Airways. Who are forced to start their holiday cramped in to a little budget airline, paying sometimes extortionate prices for then not to be able to sit with their loved ones, for their flight to be delayed or even cancelled!

What sort of start to the holiday is that?

I also hate the fact I can't collect air miles on low budget airlines. Let's not talk about Fly Maybe's air miles - they will only get you to Manchester or Scotland.  

So please BA come back to Southampton airport, introduce more flights from Heathrow and make the people in the South West of the country happy once again!

Our flight back to the UK was smooth as could be! 

Well I would expect nothing less aboard a BA flight

Even the Mr liked it - a fuss-free airport that flies in to Heathrow - Sorry Malaga!

Oh almost forgot! Outfit details:

Jeans - Asos
Shirt - H&M
Shoes & Bag - Mulberry

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14 April 2015

Steak on the Stone at El Coto

Part of the fun for being in Spain for Easter was that both my parents and his parents were here

My parents because they lived here - I'm sure you're tired of hearing about how I grew up in Spain and I'm not really British but I'm Spanish and I'm a mixture and a little bit Welsh...

Blah blah blah

His parents, because his dad was addicted to golf - his mum loved it too! But she also liked the sun!

So we spent most of our weekend flitting between his parents, my parents and even bringing them all together for a big family dinner - scary, I know!

But they all got on - maybe a little too well!

On Saturday night his parents took us to El Coto - which also just so happened to be my first gambas pil pil of 2015

Their tempura prawns and vegetables was pretty delicious too, but it seemed almost a rip off they served up only 4 tempura prawns in comparison to the prawn-rich pil pil!

The two main attractions of El Coto are:

*Fillet Steak on the stone*


We ordered both.

After our starters and half a bottle of red wine later... the waiters descended on us to clear the table in preparations for our mains. 

Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on your stone and cook your meat to your liking

The Chateaubriand got a little more special treatment

Personally carved by the chef

Dessert was chocolate based...

Wait for it...

Dinner was delicious - I just couldn't finish my dessert. 

The food really was impeccable as were the waiting staff, I just wish the place had more atmosphere. 

Saturday night on a Easter weekend and there was only about 3 tables in the place. We sat inside as it was quite chilly and we were the only table in the whooole room. 

I know the most important thing about a restaurant is the food and service but I can't help but love a place full of atmosphere and character. 

Big thumbs up to the food, but shame about the atmosphere.

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11 April 2015

Sailor Stripes and Mulberry

The weather in Marbella is scorching.

Not a cloud in the sky!

It's just the right warmth for an Easter Sunday stroll to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and rosie my cheeks.

Just the right weather that convinced me I needed a new pair of wedges (any excuse!) to match my new sailor stripes


After lunch, we found a nice little spot on the rocks to rest our legs and catch some rays!

This weekend had been all about catching up with family which left little time to bronze my skin.

I couldn't go back to the UK whiter than when I arrived!

My mother-daughter Pandora necklace glistened in the sun and matched pretty perfectly with my white and blue stripes don't you think? 

Available here 

The sun was glorious, albeit a little too hot! 

My skin was getting a little prickly and I did not want to burn!

So we shuffled out of the sun and dipped under the shade of some pine trees 

My arms were definitely a bit pinky by now

Sailor Stripes Dress from Asos

Bracelet by Pandora. Watch by Rolex

Woke up next morning with bright pink arms and a lobster face to match. I know I said red matched my white and blue stripes but this isn't what I had in mind...

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10 April 2015

Extensions by Pepi

My hair doesn't grow
Mi pelo no crece

No seriously, it gets to about shoulder-length and it decides to just stop.
No en serio, me crece hasta los hombros y ya nada, mi pelo decide detenerse

I'm so jealous of all my school friends who seemed to have sprouted mermaid hair over the last 5 years, whilst mine... well, mine is still the same.
Tengo envidia de todas mis amigas del cole a las que le han crecido una melena de sirena en los ultimos 5 años, y yo...pues, sigo igual.

I go through phases of liking my shoulder-lenght hair, easy to manage and style, cool in the summer.
Hay periodos cuando me encanta mi pelo corto, facil de manejar y en verano, no me entra tanto el calor.

Then wishing I had long beautiful Blake Lively hair, her cool Californian-style curls just flaunting themselves at me on the red carpet.
Pero otras veces tengo una ganas de tener el pelo de Blake Lively: su melena rubia con rizos largos a lo California de las cual presume en la alfombra roja.

I get so bored of waiting for my hair to grow! Thank god for miracle extensions!
Me aburro esperando a que mi pelo crezca! Gracias a Dios existen las extensiones!

This is one of my frustrated and bored times. It's happened twice before and I'm always pleased with the results.
De nuevo estaba frustrada con mi pelo, esta es la tercera vez! Pero nuna me quejo de los resultados.

Pepi is the woman that does wonders to my hair. She has been my hairdresser since I was 1 year old and I've never trusted another hairdresser like I do her. Oh I've made mistakes and tried other salons in the past but nobody has my best interests than Pepi.
Pepi, es la mujer que hace maravillas con mi pelo. Cuando cumpli 1 año ya era mi peluquera y jamas me he fiado de otra peluquera como fio de ella. Obviamente he cometido errores y he probado otras peluquerias, pero nadie me cuida como me cuida Pepi.

Usually I just pop in and say Pepi please do what you have to and fix my hair and I swear to God I come out with completely different hair.
Normalmente entro en la pelu le pido que me arregle el pelo y salgo con una melena totalmente irreconocible!

This was one of those times.
Esta vez iba ser igual.

I'd booked to go home on Easter weekend, except my parents didn't know. Pepi did. She was the first person I told, especially as I now live in the UK - I made sure she had time to tame these messy locks.
Regrese a casa a finales de Semana Santa, pero mis padres no lo sabian. Pepi, claro que si lo sabia. Fue la primera en enterarse y como ahora vivo en Inglaterra tenia que pedir una cita para hacer maravillas con estos pelos.

This is where we started.
Asi empezamos.

Mix-matched, dark straggly unkept hair
Pelo oscuro descuidado y de varios colores.
Really quite short hair
Pelo cortito
So we started with some highlights and a darker lowlights to balance out my hair when it goes dark in the UK.
Empezamos con mechas de dos colores, una claro y otro mas oscuro para complementar mi pelo cuando oscurece en Inglaterra

After a quick blow dry...
Tras alisarlo con el secador...
Phase 1. Complete.
Paso 1. Completado.

Now came the longer phase. Extensions time!
Ahora toca la parte mas larga: las extensiones!
Pepi uses natural hair extensiones, made with real people's hair. They are grouped in little strands with keratin which are then "glued" in to my hair with heat. Keratin is not harmful for your hair but it does mean that each strand has to be individually attached on to my own hair.
Pepi utiliza extensiones de cabello natural, es pelo real. Los pelos se agrupan en mechones sujetados con keratina que se "pegan" a mi pelo. La keratina no daña el pelo, pero lo malo es que cada mechon se tiene que sujetar a mi pelo individualmente.

Usually you hear and see horror stories of celebrities hair extensions leaving awful bald patches on their hair, and yes, this can happen if you constantly have extensions put in and taken out with no break - or it could be that their hairdresser has put too many extensions in your hair because they don't take in to account the thickness of your hair or you've kept them in too long.
Hay muchisimas historias de las extensiones que han a una mujer calva, y es cierto que esto puede ocurrir si estas todo el tiempoe poniendote y quitandote las extensiones sin un descanso - o puede ser que tu peluquera te ha puesto demasiadas extensiones porque no tienen en cuenta el grosor de tu pelo o porque te las has dejado demasiado tiempo.

Every person is different and for me, extensions dowonders to my hair. I don't have to wash it as often, I have instant beach blonde hair which means I don't have to use hair straighteners to give it some shape or volume and my hair comes out in better condition than when I put them in!
Cada persona es diferente y para mi, las extensiones hacen maravillas con mi pelo. No tengo que lavarmelo con tanta frecuencia, al instante tengo una melena rubia con rizos de playa que significa que no uso tanto la plancha con lo que mi pelo se muestra en mejor condicion tras quitarme las extensiones!

My biggest hate about extensions? When they look too fake.
Lo que mas odio? Cuando las extensiones se ven falsas.

OMG I want to die when I see girls hair and you can tell they have extensions in! I cringe so badly!
Por Dios quiero morir cuando veo a chicas a las que se les nota las extensiones falsas! Es horrible!

Pepi is such a perfectionist and she hates fake-looking extensions too, which is why extensiones with her is a process. She had in mind 100 extensiones for me, but after seeing the way in which my hair falls, my cut and style of my hair she had to add in more to even it out and make it look perfect.
Pepi es una perfecionista y tambien odia las extensiones que parecen falsas. Por eso ponerse extensiones con ella es un proceso. Habia calculado 100 extensiones con mi pelo pero al ver mi corte de pelo, hacia que lado caen los mechones y my tipo de corte tuvo que añadir mas para salir perfecto.

So after many hours in the chair (4 and a half to be exact) and 140 extensiones later...
Tras muchas horas sentada (4 horas y media) y 140 extensiones depues...

Et voila! Long blonde beautiful hair!
Et voila! Pelo largo rubio y bonito!

But Pepi still wasn't done...
Et voila! Pero Pepi todavia no habia terminado...

As I've said she knows me too well and she knows how much I adore curls...
La mujer me conoce demasiado y sabe cuanto me encanta los rizos...

You would never tell would you?
Nunca lo sabrias verdad?

If I look after these bad boys, they should last me 6 months, but again, everyone is different.
Si las cuido, estas extensiones deberian durarme 6 meses, pero cada persona es distinta
Some people think they have to take extra care when having extensions which is time-consuming and costly - it's not. You need to brush your hair and your extensiones too! Brush them just like you would your normal hair and make sure to separate each extension if they get a bit knotted.
Muchos piensan que el cuidado de las extensiones desperdicia el tiempo y cuesta un paston - pues no lo es. Tienes que cepillarte el pelo y las extensiones tambien! Cepillalas como tu pelo normal y asegura separar cada extension si enredan con tu pelo natural.
Apart from that, you can treat them just like your normal hair: style them, blow-dry them any which way you like!
Aparte de eso, tratalas como tu pelo normal: alisalas con el secador o la plancha o como quieras!
Big NO NO's:
**Don't wash your hair upside down**
**No te laves el pelo boca abajo**
**Don't use heated straightners/curlers too close to the root of your extensions - they will fall out!**
**No uses la plancha cerca de las raices de las extensiones - se caeran!**

If you want Pepi's details just ask!  Si quieres los datos de Pepi, pidemelas! 
 If not pop in and say hi next time you're in Calahonda. Sino, dale una visita la proxima vez que estes en Calahonda!

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